Why a Wedding Planner is Crucial to Your Wedding Day

Why a Wedding Planner is Crucial to Your Wedding Day

As a wedding planner, I realize I’m a bit biased when it comes to the subject of whether a wedding planner is worth it. That said, I can speak first hand to how important it was for my own wedding. I was planning my east coast wedding from California and immediately knew it would be helpful to have someone on the ground in New York.

Planning a wedding is such a fun and exciting time, but it also comes with lots of moving parts and stress. Having another person take some of the work off my plate was an absolute pleasure. I really got to enjoy making decisions with my fiancé, but have someone else actually execute on them for me.

Wedding planners often offer a range of services and customize their offerings to best suit your needs. When I’m initially speaking with clients, I always keep in mind that one size does not fit all and each wedding is different. You might be someone who has no idea where to start and would benefit from full-service planning, or you feel you’ve got all the research and negotiating down, but know on the big day you really need a day-of coordinator.

Here are some top reasons to hire a wedding planner:

We’ll always have your back

As a planner, I want what is best for the couples I work with. That comes into play with budget and negotiating. I am constantly keeping an eye on the numbers and making sure you are getting the best bang for your buck, but not skimping on quality.

We’re good sounding boards

I love being there for couples to bounce ideas off of. I will give you my honest opinion and guide you in the right direction when you’re making tough decisions.

We’re logistics focused

Most planners thrive off of the back-of-house work that goes into wedding planning. Coordinating with all of your vendors and creating timelines are things we love to do. With a wedding planner on your team, you won’t have to worry about confirming delivery times with ten different vendors a few weeks away from your wedding.

You’ll have hands on support on the big day

Not having to lift a finger on the day of your wedding is the best feeling in the world. Wedding planners will not only ensure your timeline is followed, but they’ll be the point person for all vendors, make sure you eat, organize your gifts and so much more. The only thing you’ll have to do on your wedding day is have fun!

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